Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Author Roger Bezdek responds to Frank Kaminski review

There appear to be two major criticisms of the book in this review.  First, the reviewer takes some gratuitous potshots at one of the authors (Dr. Robert Hirsch); e.g. “what outlandish thing will he propose next!.  This criticism is trite and not worth responding to.

Second, the reviewer appears to be a true believer in the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and is “aghast” that the authors would have the audacity to question the AGW gospel.  As the authors noted in the book, AGW has become more of a religion than a scientific theory, and this reviewer’s accusation of heresy proves the point.  Since it is useless to try and argue religion with a true believer, no attempt will be made here.

The rest of the review is a fairly accurate discussion of some of the major points made in the book, and it is not clear that the reviewer has many problems with these.  His mention of the precautionary principle is germane. The world is facing a serious imbalance of oil supply and demand in the near future and the precautionary principle argues that this must be addressed immediately.  This, indeed, is the major point of the book, and it lays out the pros and cons of various options that will have to be employed for the world to avoid economic, political, and social catastrophe.  These are hard, irrefutable facts and the authors note that many people will be very uncomfortable when confronted with these.  This reviewer is apparently one of these people – but there will be many, many more.  This book does not make for pleasant reading and its message is, of necessity, highly disturbing.  It is not for the fainthearted.

Dr Roger Bezdek (Co-Author - The Impending World Energy Mess)

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